Visa Approved Products

Applets for Mobile Products

When granted, Visa approval is provided by Visa to ensure certain security and operational characteristics important to Visa's systems as a whole, but Visa approval does not under any circumstances include any endorsement or warranty regarding the functionality, quality or performance of any particular product or service. Visa does not warrant any products or services provided by third parties. Visa approval does not under any circumstances include or imply any product warranties from Visa, including, without limitation, any implied WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT, all of which are expressly disclaimed by Visa. All rights and remedies regarding products and services which have received Visa approval shall be provided by the party providing such products or services, and not by Visa. Visa performs limited testing to ascertain a product's compliance with any required specifications and may perform interoperability testing with other approved products.Visa's limited testing program is not designed to establish the functionality of any product that has received a Visa approval in all potential conditions in which it may be used. Visa's approval does not in any circumstances include or imply any guarantees, assurances or warranties that a product that has received a Visa approval will operate in all possible settings or in connection with any other product that has received a Visa approval.Visa may revoke a product's approval at any time.

Refer to Visa Chip Bulletin 39 for information about availability, use, and sunsetting of Visa-developed applets.

Product Reference Product Name Approved VMCPS Version VTS Compatible  
AAVISA0150 VMPA CFG17 170331 28 Jun 2017 1.4.3 Y
AAVISA00156 VMPA CFG_17 180712 05 Nov 2018 1.4.4 Y
AAVISA00161 VMPA CFG_20 181003 06 Mar 2019 1.4.4 Y
AAVISA00163 VMPA CFG_17 190610 03 Dec 2019 1.4.4 Y
AAVISA00167 VMPA CFG_17 210824 17 Jan 2022 1.4.4 Y